As you know, cats, like other animals, need to eat. Eating requires food. Food must be purchased. Purchasing requires money. Well, I think you get the picture, but in case you don’t I’ll put it another way. Money buys food that is eaten. No money, no eating.

I’m not a cat but I do like them and I know they eat. In fact, they eat a lot! So that is why there is a need for money at The Friendly Cat. That, and the cost of hosting websites, electricity for the computers, the computers themselves, heat in the cold house where the computers live, gasoline for the car to go to the store to get food and, of course, water (because I get thirsty much like a cat does).

Lucky for all of us, friendliness is free so we don’t need money for that. You can donate friendliness if you would like but it won’t help buy anything for The Friendly Cat so you may want to consider using it for those lonely cats around your neighborhood. The little fellows could probably use some friendliness.

As for The Friendly Cat, money is better. It buys stuff. Stuff that is needed … like food. You can donate to The Friendly Cat by clicking the button below. Donate as much as you like. The bigger the donation, the fuller the grocery cart. Please be generous and it will help keep The Friendly Cat alive and well. Also, donations well help keep this site free from advertising.

Here at The Friendly Cat we are kneady but not needy. Even so, we could use your help. Please donate generously. Thank you.