Explore the World of Science

Have you ever been to an Exploratorium? Well now you can visit one on the Internet and find a variety of online activities to keep your self busy while learning and having fun. Explore the world of science, art and human perception at the Exploratorium.

You can build your own solar system, find out your weight and age on other worlds or learn about sunspots. That’s just the first category. Others include Planet Earth, Machines and Tools, Living Things, Seeing, Sport Science, Human Body, Mind & Perception and Food.

In the Seeing category you can have fun with colors and optical illusions. Click on Depth Spinner and watch the spinner. Then watch what happens when you look at something on the wall. You can have fun Changing Illusions. Try to match the appearance of lines or circles and you will be surprised how easily your eyes can fool you.

Click on any of the links under Food and go to The Science of Cooking pages where you can learn about and have fun with Candy, Bread, Eggs, Pickles, Meat and Seasoning.

In the Mind Perception category you can work your brain and test your memory. Don’t forget to click Don’t Forget and when you’re done you may remember how to remember.

There are so many fun things to learn about and explore that you could easily spend hours at this web site. Once you’ve explored all of the online activities, you can use the menu to select even more. You can see Online Exhibitions, participate in some Hands-on-Activities, listen to Webcasts, read articles from the Online Magazine or just visit some of their suggested, really Cool Sites. You won’t run out of things to learn at the Exploratorium.

You can find The Exploratorium and many other useful links under the Kids category and the Space and Science category at FriendlyCat.com.