The Friendly Cat, aside from being user friendly is also family friendly. That is, there are no links to naughty sites so that parents can feel confident that their children are only being directed to good, clean and educational sites. Sites that contain good information and few or no ads.

The Friendly Cat started in the early 1990’s and was known as Tomcatt’s Pages. It was a place for those new to the Internet to find their way around. In those days, there was no Yahoo, no Google and no Bing to search with. Internet users had to know where to go to find information. If they didn’t, they became lost in the vastness of the World Wide Web. Tomcatt’s Pages saved the day for many making it easier to find information. (In those days there were far less advertisements to dig through as well.) There were many variations of Tomcatt’s Pages through the years as the Internet changed. (Soon there will be an archive so you can see how ugly the early internet was … but we thought that stuff was cool!)

In 2003, Tomcatt’s Pages was redesigned again and became The Friendly Cat. Since then, there have been many improvements to the site including reviews of some of the sites linked from The Friendly Cat.

Today, with so many ads and sales pitches it is sometimes difficult to find good information on the Internet without spending countless hours sifting through the rhetoric. That’s what the Friendly Cat is here to do … separate the jewels from the stools. Let the Friendly Cat guide you to informational sites avoiding all the malarkey. If a site is loaded with pop-up ads, tons of banners or overrun with Google ads it’s pitched out like dirty litter. (Unless the site has an immense amount of good information and only a few ads will it be accepted.)

Many of the sites linked here are from organizations, colleges, or government sites. Most of those won’t have ads and that’s what we’d like the Internet to be. Information wants to be free and it should be. It shouldn’t be enslaved by ads or sold for money. It should be free.

The Friendly Cat is always adding new links to great sites and will continue to do so as long as there are good sites on the Internet. So instead of digging through all the dirt, let The Friendly Cat show you the way to information on the Internet.