Letters, Numbers and Pretty Colors

Have you seen a periodic table of the elements? Have you ever wondered what all those elements are? There are so many elements it might be pretty hard to remember all of them, and what their uses are. Well, thanks to the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Chemistry Division, you can find out a lot about the elements.

The Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Chemistry Division has put together a beautiful web site that shows all of the elements in a table. But this is not just an ordinary graphic. It is interactive. You can put your mouse over the element of your choice and see what it is. They’ve even got really cool images for each one too.

When you click your mouse on a specific atomic symbol you’ll see a page that has information about that element. You can learn about the element’s history, sources, uses, forms, isotopes, compounds, properties, handling, production and more.

This site is much more than just a interacive periodic table of the elements though. Click on the download link and you can get your own copy of the periodic table of the elements as a PDF or MS Word file You can even download their entire site as PDF file. If you want to keep the youngsters busy for a while, the site provides a download link for a PDF file of a color-your-own periodic table.

Because this site is a resource for elementary, middle school and high school students, there are more informational links too. These include: “What is the Periodic Table?”, “Chemistry in a Nutshell”, “How to Use the Periodic Table”, “Mendeleev’s Original Table” and more.

If you are interested in chemistry or just want to know more about the elements that help make our lives better, then the Periodic Table of the Elements at Los Alamos National Laboratory web site should be your next click.

You can find the Los Alamos National Laboratory Chemistry Division’s perodic table and many other useful science links under the Space and Science category at FriendlyCat.com.