Jurassic Knowledge is Big

While the dinosaur is extinct, information about them is not. Now you can learn about hundreds of dinosaurs all in one place. No need to scour the web looking for specifics when you can find it all at The Dino Database.

At the Dino Database you can learn about The age of dinosaurs, (the Mesozoic era, what they were, their extinction and fossil remains), their discovery and classification and dinosaur stats, (largest, smallest, heaviest, longest names, etcetera).

There is a list of museums and universities where you can see dinosaurs, information about theories and controversies and even a dino dictionary.

Do you think you know about dinosaurs? Click on the dictionary and play the Dino Quiz. If you aren’t sure how to pronounce your favorite dinosaur you can hear it by clicking on the dinosaur’s name. (You’ll need a media player installed on your computer to use this feature.) But there’s much more than fun and games at The Dino Database.

Click the appendix and you can learn about books on dinosaurs, how dinosaurs are named, how to hunt dinosaurs, movies with dinosaurs and even the skeletal anatomy of a Tyrannosaurid.

The only way you could learn more is to become a time traveler and go back to the dinosaur day. So the next time you wonder about dinosaurs remember that while dinosaurs may have become extinct, information about them will live on.

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